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Spring AAU Evaluations are Jan. 23rd (Girls) & Jan 30th (Boys)!

HomeField Hawks Basketball

CTBBALL sponsors and runs an AAU program--during spring and summer--under the Homefield umbrella. Our boys and girls teams are known as the Homefield Hawks.  The Hawks play and train in Centerbrook and will move into their new three court facility down the road from their present location in the summer.

Evaluations for our Spring Progam--which runs through March 2023 through June 2023--are as follows:

GIRLS Monday January 23, 2023

5:30p.m. to 6:45p.m. Girls Junior division 4th - 6th 
6:45p.m.-8:00p.m.  Girls Senior division 7th-8th 
BOYS  Monday January 30, 2023
5:30p.m. to 6:45p.m. Boys Junior division 4th - 6th 
6:45p.m.-8:00p.m.  Boys Senior division 7th-8th 

To sign up to be considered to join our Fall session, you must register at the following link: http://assn.la/UserForm.asp?RegID=325332&org=ctbbc.org.

Information regarding our Program appears below.

Our AAU Program & Philosphy

  • In the Spring of 2022, the U12 HomeField Lady Hawks (comprised of CTBBALL players from Groton, Westbrook, Madison, Guilford, Chester, Deep River and Essex) received 10 weeks of instruction on fundamentals and drills before heading to one of the most competitive tournaments in the greater New England area, Basketbull.
  • We didn't teach them a single offensive play; rather we taught them "how to play" by mastering their fundamentals, spacing on the court, and multiple ways to defend the basket.
  • Result:  The HomeField Lady Hawks defeated two of the top programs in the region (Worcester United and Springfield Ballers) in successive games to win the Basketbull Championship on their first ever attempt, underscoring our Program's philosophy that Fundamentals Make Champions.  See photo.

Our Teams & Practice Schedule

  • In the Spring AAU season, we field boys and girls teams at every level 4th-High School.
  • In the Fall AAU season (which is shorter/8 weeks), we field teams from 4th grade to 8th grade.
  • All teams practice twice per week with the following schedule:
    • Our girls practice on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.
    • Our boys practice on Wednesday and Friday evenings.
  • ​All Homefield Hawks practices are at HomeField in Centerbrook.  In the Summer of 2023, HomeField will move into its new three court field house located just steps away from its current location. 

Our Practice Plans/Structure

All practices follow the same methodology and are divided into three parts:

  • The first third of practice is conditional--while executing basketball skills.  (Like most college programs, we stopped "running the lines" several years ago because its more effective to condition the athlete while executing a basketball skill.)
  • The second third of practice are always fundamentals sessions, covering among other things, ball handling, shooting and defense (with an emphasis on becoming superb at man-to-man).
  • The final segment of practice is focused on competition drills--two-on-two or three-on-three play.   We rarely scrimmage 5 on 5 because our philosophy at this level, the focus should be on fundamentals.
  • Our scrimmage partners are Vale/Middletown and those games/sessions are on practice dates.



What is AAU Basketball?


AAU basketball typically runs from early March through late June and then again from September through early November.


It is designed for the player who is trending toward making and starting on their high school teams (or chasing the hoop dream beyond high school). 


What is AAU Schedule?


The schedule is tournament based—that is to say that each team typically plays three to four weekend tournaments in the spring season and trains during the week at Home Field.   In the fall, the teams practice two days a week and play in two-three tournaments (as the point of the program is work on their fundamentals and learn "how-to-play"--not to just play in lots of games).


Players who make a Connecticut Basketball @ Home Field AAU automatically become Home Field members and will have a place to train in addition to their sessions with the team. 


Who are the coaches?


All coaches are former high school and/or college coaches and players.  The Program is run by Connecticut Basketball’s founder and League President, Gary Collins.


An information session will be held after each evaluation session. 

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